3 experienced swingers advice to beginners

3 Experienced Swingers Give Advice to Beginners

If you are looking to take the plunge in the pool of swinging this is the perfect post for you! Today’s article is all about 3 experienced swingers who give advice to beginners. Trying new things that are out of your comfort zone is scary. It’s helpful to research and read about other’s experiences to reassure you and your partner.

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3 experienced swingers advice to beginners


3 Experienced Swingers Advice to Beginners

Below are 3 experienced swingers advice to beginners. We will discuss their advice a little further with added tips and resources for you and your partner to check out if you are curious about swinging.


Swinger #1

Amy: “If in a couple, talk to each other about it. Have agreed on codes to get you out of situations. Talk afterward about what worked and what didn’t. And if you’re unsure then wait. On our first trip, we decided we were just going to have sex with each other, see how we liked the atmosphere, and go from there. There are always other opportunities”

This is great advice for all swinger couples, beginners to experienced! Having specific code words or signals can help you communicate with your partner in secret about how you are feeling about the situations unfolding around you. It’s important to communicate with your partner before attending a swinger club or meeting a couple about what you what from the experience. It’s also just as important to talk after the experience to state what you liked and didn’t like and focus on making the next time better.


Swinger #2

Ben: “Take it slow! You’re under no obligation to swing at a swingers club and ‘no thanks’ will be respected. See if you are happy just being part of the event before diving in headfirst – as swinging crosses a lot of the social norms we’re typically brought up with, it can be a bit of a system shock.”

Those involved in the swinging community are generally very respectful of other’s boundaries. If you are approached by someone in a swinger club and you are not interested, your decision will be respected. Don’t rush into things you’re not ready for and never take one for the team! As Ben said, swinging can be a bit of a system shock if you’re new to the scene. Relax and go at your own pace and enjoy the wonderful experiences you want.


Swinger #3

Tess: “As a single female, I’d so go for it.  Do your research, chat with people online first. Yes, it’s bloody scary but after you’ve done it the first time, you realize people into that lifestyle are the most genuine, honest, and safe people you’ll meet. You won’t be alone for long.”

We 100% agree with Tess on this one! Honestly, people in the Lifestyle are genuine, kind, and fun people. Single females known as unicorns in the swinging community are pretty rare (hence the name). The good thing about this is that you will get plenty of attention if you are a single female. This means more options when meeting couples who want to play!



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